Officer's Badge for Chatelaine/Castellan

Ysabeau Cameron of Lochiel 7/88 (Deputy Seneschal for new members)
Judith von Gruenwald 1/90
Rosine of Rowanwald 5/95-4/97
Bran Trefonnen 6/97
Arianna Morgan 4/00
Kisaiya Zingara 5/04
Luce Anthony Venus 7/06
Elizabet de Roslyne 8/09

Kalisa Alexandrovna 11/11

Livia of Ravenwoode 10/12

Kalisa Aleksandrovna

Mary Isabel of Heatherstone 10/15

Dates are when the name first appeared in the Acorn, actual dates would be usually at least one to two months beforehand due to publishing delays.  Terms in office ran until successor date unless ending date given.

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