Supplement for Atlantian 20 Year (2001)

Going from North to South, Bright Hills, Highland Foorde, Dun Carraig, Ponte Alto, and Stierbach are now baronies.

Spiaggia Levantina has formed on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Damianus Petrolino found the SCA in Drachenwald and formed a canton of Bright Hills in 1994, it has since become a shire. The majority were Italian persona and the name roughly means eastern coast. The osprey on the device is a local bird and the two heads are reminiscent of Rome’s eagle.

The shire of Roxbury Mill in Montgomery County, Maryland is another group formed out of Storvik and is named after an actual mill.

The incipient canton of Sudentor is in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in the southern part of Stierbach and the name is southern gate in German.

Farther west, the College of Caer Gelin was founded around 1995 by students at Fluvanna County High School, whose history teacher, Katerina von Wolfenburg, had been taking them to events. Although they had been supported by Isenfir, the closest group, shires cannot have subgroups so they are part of Caer Mear. As a medieval club, they had originally been known as Abbey of Borrowed Thoughts, but Caer Gelin (tower of youth in Welsh) was submitted to reflect their ages and connection. This name has now been rejected and similar ones are being considered.

Also in Caer Mear is Rivers Point, a canton at the confluence of the James and Appomattox rivers.

In southwest Virginia, Azurmont canton was formed by the members in the Roanoke area of Black Diamond, taking its name from being in the Blue Ridge mountains. The shire of Drachentor (dragon tower) formed in Danville.

The College of Rencester, at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, is part of the Barony of Tir-y-Don and was started in 1990. Apparently it rains a lot and the name is Anglo-Saxon for “rain city”, which was picked even before the group started. The newsletter is the Deluge. .

In North Carolina, the Barony of Sacred Stone has several new cantons. Aire Faucon takes its name from the nearby group of Falcon Cree. Sarum Henge in Salisbury is still incipient. Sarum was the Roman town at Salisbury, England. Crois Brigte is an incipient canton of Sacred Stone, named after Brigit, both a pagan goddess and a Christian saint. The device has a St. Brigit’s cross. A cross was sometimes placed at Irish crossroads and they are between Hindscroft and the rest of the barony. It was part of shire of Hindscroft, itself formerly part of the barony. Guardians of the Sacred Stone has changed its name to Charlesbury Crossing. It is centered on Charlotte, a female variant of Charles, bury is a fortified place, and it is a crossroads to the surrounding counties of the canton.

Nimenfeld is a canton formed by the members living in between the already active cantons of Elvegast and Attilium in Windmaster’s Hill barony. The name is Saxon for a “new, common ground”, describing their situation.

Raven’s Cove is on a cove of the coast and the county’s device has a raven. It was originally the Camp LeJeune part of Cathanar and went independent when they had enough people. It is still called a stronghold, although only half military now.

Calodine has now become Crannog Mor, Welsh for big rock (it is in the mountains).

Saint George’s canton was formed in 1997 from part of Falcon Cree canton in Nottinghill Coill. The group honors the chivalrous ideals of their patron saint and has an annual event (Feast of the Dragon) near his feast day of April 23. Another new canton in South Carolina is Ritterwald. Misty Marsh by the Sea is a canton of the Barony of Hidden Mountain, whose name was chosen to symbolize the local geography. This is carried through on the device, which has blue and white for the sea and cattails for the marsh.

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