Officer's Badge for Exchequer

Thomas Edmund de Warrick
Gwenllian de la Foret
Learen von Meissen
Tannis of Tir-y-Don
Zada de Al-Andalus 6/84
Cara Marie of Carlisle 11/84
Marie Simone de Barjavel 2/85
Tannis of Tir-y-Don 6/85
Melinda of the Silent Rose 7/86
Marie Simone de Barjavel 6/87
Melinda of the Silent Rose 10/88
Fiona Lachtna 4/90
Donovan Deland 5/92
Ursula von Bremen 11/96
Siobhan O’Riordan 7/97
Ursula D’Arcy 11/99

Brianna Morgan of the Valley 6/00
Benefse al Rashida 2/04
Gwenhwyvar Ywein 2/06
Anna of Carthew 5/09
Helena of Roxbury Mill 4/12
Alana Urquhart 5/15
Jdeke von Kolberg 2017
Fjorleif in Rauda

Older dates are when the name first appeared in the Acorn, actual dates would be usually at least one to two months beforehand due to publishing delays.  Terms in office ran until successor date unless ending date given.

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