Triton Principal Herald

Officer's Badge for herald

Before 2000
Moira Maureen ua Seamus
Minowara Kiritsubo-no-hime-gimi 7/81
Allyn O’Dubhda 8/84
Hilary Fairhaven 6/88
Jaelle of Armida 4/91
Herveus d’Ormonde 6/94
Rhiannon ui Neill 2/97

Michael Batcok 1/01
Eogan mac Ailpein 1/05
Rhiannon ui Neill 5/07

Bran Trefonnen 1/10
Gisela vom Kreuzbach 1/12
Cian mac Ceallacháin Uí Dubhlaich 1/15
Eldred AElfwald 1/19
Gisela vom Kreuzbach 1/22
Dates are when the name first appeared in the Acorn, actual dates would be usually at least one to two months beforehand due to publishing delays.  Terms in office ran until successor date unless ending date given.

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