Officer's Badge for Seneschal Before 2000:

William de Montegilt
Njorbjorn of Arnfell
William de Montegilt
Robin of Mannefeld
Anya de Calais 6/84
Melisande de Belvoir 10/84
Caroline Forbes of Oxfordshire 9/88
Loric Bane 7/90
Marenna of Rathlin 7/92
Thomas Smyth of Ayr 6/94
Keilyn Fitzwarin 7/96
Alan Gravesend 5/98

Corwyn Sinister 4/00
Annale Coeur 10/03
Fiona McLeod 10/06
William Welwyn 10/08
Alesia Gillefalyn 5/09

Bessenyei Rosza 10/12
Jehan-Franc deBlauvac 4/13
Simone de Barjavel 2/14
Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov 2/17
Simone de Barjavel 5/20 Cian mac Cellachain ui Dubhlaich 5/22

Dates are when the name first appeared in the Acorn, actual dates would be usually at least one to two months beforehand due to publishing delays.  Terms in office ran until successor date unless ending date given.

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