Officer's Badge for Chirurgeon

The Office of the Chirurgeonate was closed as of August 10th, 2015.

Before 2000:
Bethany of Greentree 5/81 – 7/83
Bertrand de Flammepoing 6/84 – 6/86
Jessica ua Brien 1/87
Thomas Longshanks 9/88
Addendra Marlin AKA Aodh Adendra Marland 9/92
Giacomo Vincenti di Firenze 2/97

2000 – 2014:
Kyneburh Boithuile 2/01
Ren Morgana 2/03
Morwenna Trevethan 5/07
Andreas de Caunteton 2/11
Elizabeth of Rosewood  2/14

Dates are when the name first appeared in the Acorn, actual dates would be usually at least one to two months beforehand due to publishing delays.  Terms in office ran until successor date unless ending date given.

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