For a poetry contest many years ago, Duke Cariadoc wrote a poem listing the first 12 crowns of Atlantia.  For the 30 Year event in 2011, I solicited several of the previous poeta for the kingdom to collectively write a poem in that style including all the crowns to that time.  Subsequent poeta have added a verse for each new one.  Author credits are at the bottom.

Carissa, Queen of all the East,
With Michael gave our realm its throne–
And then, before their reign had ceased,
They won it back to be their own.

Now Anya is a queen most rare.
Bertrand full half his kingdom knows.                                                                                          He can describe each lady fair–
But not the color of her clothes.

In floods of mead the benches drown
And great the glee of thirsty men
When Gyrth, great-gutted, takes the crown
And Melisande is queen again.

John and Tuiren have done more
Than ever lords of coast and sea-salt.
For they have ruled from shore to shore
Atlantia to Drachenwald.

Now Bedford’s blade in fury falls
And for his foes ’tis death to find it.
Duke Michael is a moving wall
Carissa wholly hid behind it.

It was Sir Olaf, when he fought,
For Aslinn with his heart and hand,
Who by his skill and fortune brought
Atlantia’s crown to southern land.

Now Richard Corwin for his Anne
Atlantia’s crown has bravely won
He’s just a good and faithful man
Who’s doing as his knight has done.

Sir Knarlic, with a dragon blade,
Atlantia’s knights has beaten down,
But conquered by Atlantian maid
He to Alexis brings the crown.

For Gyrth it is a gladsome day
To know he has such sturdy men;
Count Richard in the bloody fray
For Anne has won the crown again.

Sir Olaf, through the flood of foes,
His Aslinn spies above the fray,
And bold Tsuneo, dying, knows
The crown will not be his today.

Tsuneo keeps his Nyan Nyan near.
He has such skills as suit a knight,
Can fight with sword and bow and spear.
His concubine can read and write.

Some kings and queens for dress are known,
Others for how they plot and scheme
Since Claus for Cyffaith won the crown
Our sovereigns are a Melee team.

Here now begins the line of kings,
Through strength of arm the throne did find
Learn of the fame that ruling brings
When art and service prowess bind

Carissa, Queen of all the East
With Michael gave our realm its throne —
And then, before their reign had ceased
They won it back to be their own
In fire and flame came Count Bertrand
For Anya from Calais’ far shore
Reigned second in the sea-bound land
When they assumed the regal chore.

Sir Gyrth, the mighty Saxon thane
He swept the field at Sacred Stone
The third Atlantian King became
With Melisande he shared his throne.

Jahn’s chivalry all men have seen
And Queen Tuiren’s skillful hands
The fourth Atlantian King and Queen
Have honors earned in many lands.

Across the battlefield did ring
A parti-colored lion’s roar
So Michael came to be fifth King,
and to Carissa roses bore.

Sir Olaf at sixth crown he fought
For Aslinn with his heart and hand
And by his skill and fortune brought
Atlantia’s crown to Southern land.

Richard Corwin was seventh King
Fair Anne his lady graced his side.
Oldcastle’s second king did bring
The crown northwards awhile to bide.

King Knarlic came from Normandy.
Alexis Queen ruled at his hand.
‘No more Eastrealm treaty,” said he.
They were the eighth to rule the land.

As summer’s king did Richard claim
His place lo lead the knights to war.
The ninth king of the realm became,

Queen Anne beside him as before

The lords for Aslinn’s love would sin.
Olaf has charm and ready quip
This pair the realm’s tenth crown did win
With flashing sword and shaking hip.

Tsuneo ruled as in Japan
With concubine of quickest wit
Nyan-Nyan hid not behind her fan
Eleventh reign with laughter lit.

Who was the twelfth on sea-hone throne?
Twas Klaus and Cy{faith, brave and best.
Fair and bright their swords both shone.
Two fighters reign — our kingdom’s blest.

Ten reigns and two the bards recite
‘Ere Judith reigned at Olaf’s side.
For service, craft, and battle-might
With open hands they did provide
Then came Baudion to take our crown
And with his Caterina sit
The fourteenth on the sea-horse throne,
Their battles won with sword and wit.

As fighter, archer and artisan,
Sir Dafydd’s prowess all have seen,
Fifteenth King to rule the land,
Elizabeth his gracious Queen.

Barry and the fair Simone
Were sixteenth King and Queen to reign
He won the right to claim the throne
Before he earned his belt and chain.

Once again does Michael stand
Victorious upon the green,
With Seanaid rules our happy land.
Their reign was number seventeen.

Now Barry comes again to win
Atlantia’s crown for Queen Simone
With drums and bagpipes they begin
Eighteenth reign upon the throne.

Duke Michael once again returns
Atlantian army leads to war.                                                                                                            A ducal crown for Seanaid earns,
The nineteenth reign in kingdom lore.

Duke Olaf swore, “Just one more time!”
For Aslinn he would win again,
The twentieth of royal line
As Sultan and Sultana reign.

For Luned’s smile and honor bright
Sir Anton fought with might and will,
The twenty-first to reign by right,
First monarchs from Windmasters Hill.

Tall and strong stands Ingolfs son
Galmr’s  sword did bloodless slay
For Katerina fought and won
The twenty-second Crown that day.
King twenty-three, Michael returns,
Take up the Crown, re-seize the day!
To reign with Seonaid thrice he yearns,
The once and future king he’ll play.

A fresh light from Wulfshaven pours,
Stefan and Twila, twenty and four,
To new heights Atlantia soars!
Love and laughter forever more.

Cuan claims reign twenty and five,
Freshly minted, the three-dog knight,
Aria, the nimble-fingered,
Inspiring his winning fight.

Hidden Mountain’s favorite son,
Black Kane strides forth with Muirgen fair,
Tragic lives too quickly undone,
Atlantia’s twenty-sixth pair.

Windmaster’s Hill calls forth its King
To serve twenty-seventh, yet twice,
Snowden’s best daughter Anton brings,
Winning calm counsel and advice.

Mighty Crowns the kingdom protects,
As armor shields the knight in war,
Thorbrandr from his forge defects,
With Eórann, twenty-eighth to soar!

Hail poured down while Michael was crowned,                                                                               But king twenty-nine was no fool,
Ice may cover the April ground,
Still, Michael and Seonaid must rule!

Cuan, another queen creates,
Elevating Brigit sublime,
Both bending heads low, brows await,
The Crowns rest a thirtieth time.

God bless Katharina, our Queen,
Galmr gifts her to us again!
Mercy flows forth from soul pristine,
Thirty-first, yet first, in hearts of men.

When Logan first did Rule our land
With Arielle, his chosen Queen.
Our Thirty-Second Monarch’s reign
Was all awash with Grace and Gleam.

Our mighty Cuan’s Dogs of war
Did claim the right for Bera true.
Atlantia’s Monarchs, Thirty-third
And all false paths they did eschew

So thirty-four was King Logan,
The black wolf besting sword and mace,
With Arielle always golden,
Beside him with her strength and grace.

The Stalwart Lion, Michael led
The graceful Seonaid to the throne
Pair thirty-five they were declared,
Because one cannot rule alone.

Not once, not twice, but thrice we’d seen
Anton and Luned take the thrones
now full three dozen reigns had been
since faire Atlantia had its own.

While Stephan, thirty seventh king
Was called away to foreign lands
Queen Niobe sought to bring
Peace to hearts and hope to hands

When Amalric did join the fray
The Black Hart raged for Caia’s fate
The list was strong; he took the day
Their reign was number thirty eight.
Kyneburh and Ragnar came
And sought to lead Atlantian hearts
The thirty ninth to lead our game
Of service, fighting and the arts

Then did Anton take the field
His strong left arm would not be staid
He did not fall and would not yield
Our fortieth Queen was Emer made

Havordh and Mary Grace did thirst
To rule Atlantia’s mighty shores
They served our kingdom forty first
And at the thirtieth Pennsic war

Galmr and Aryanna held
The burden of their sovereignty
From Lochmere’s lands in which they dwelled
Our forty second monarchy.

Forty and three our queens and kings
Have ruled the lands in which we dwell
And now the praises all do sing
Of Logan and fair Isabel

From Middle Kingdom came she hence
Padraigin traveled to our shores
Stole Cuans heart and holds it since
Two score and four the reign they bore

Fair Isobel, she is the sun
To balance Logan, dark wolf Knight.
The forty-fifth Atlantian Jewel,
Was a congenial sight quite right

The forty-sixth so then was seen,
Ragnarr to take again his sword,
And serve with Kyneburgh as queen,
True to the lands, in heart and word.
With sword and song did rise Cuan,
As king and too forty-seventh
In heart, Padraigin was his twin,
Did bring the land to a zenith.
Janos leads with sword and shield
Rachel’s fiercesome quarrels fly
Allies cheer and foeman yield
When Monarchs forty eighth came nigh
Robert de Rath took up his sword
And for Denise he fought in course
The forty ninth lady and lord
To lead Atlantia’s fighting force

Societatis’ fortieth year
As our 50th crown by right.
Janos and Rachel helped to steer
Our kingdom on to futures bright

Twenty five years we had attained
When Micheal led us once again
With Seonaid, fifty first did reign
May we shine now as we did then

With sword and wit as equal tools
Did Ragnarr on the listfield stride
The fifty second king to rule
With Queen Anneke at his side

Then Valharic, imperator
With Arielle, imperatrix
The fifty third to lead in war
Sent all our foemen to the Styx

As time does pass, and has before
So showed Logan as true and fit
To bear the crown as fifty-four
With Rowan’s grace and strong spirit.

The fifty-fifth was then Sinclair,
With Kari, he ruled with wisdom,
Their judgments were even and fair,
Keeping the peace in the kingdom

For his Gerhild, Jason did slay
Kin and kindred on the Crown’s field
Fifty-sixth King and Queen were They
Viking strength makes all foeman yield

In Jason’s Crown new love alight
Our Fifty-seventh Crown to bear
Esa made Queen by Logan’s might
Her bright spirit beyond compare

Betrothed when they took the field
He’d wed his princess soon after
Vlad and Kalisa, fifty-eighth
Monarchs of love and of laughter

For reign fifty-nine again did Kynslay
Place the Crown on Gerhild’s fair head,
She did join in rapier play.
On all fields our enemies bled.

Bryan wins the sixtieth crown,
Radiant Brianna at his side.
Journeying the land, up and down,
Atlantia’s glory they spread worldwide.

Michael strides forward on the field,
Seonaid cheering her lord ever on.
The sixty-first tourney’s fate was sealed
The thirtieth year was as year one.

Reign sixty and two brings Cuan,

A strong king both wise and gifted.

By his side rules fair Padraigin,

By our sons and daughters beloved.

The Wolf, no fear will he allow;
He defeats Atlantia’s best.
Reign sixty-three is Bryan’s now–
For Brianna in steadfastness.

Valiant Vlad now fights once again
In chivalry, skill and fairness;
Stands tall for the sixty-fourth reign.
With Kalisa he brings blitheness.

Though pious and virtuous he may be

His strength came to be known to all

Sir Amos with his faith almighty

Ysabella matched him with siren’s call

Ragnar a master of hammer and sword

Came before the Atlantian throne

Fair Lynette inspiring her noble lord

The sixty-sixth rule rich with their tone

King William has a mighty sword
Queen Kara is a burning light
The sixty-seventh crown They wore
And were Atlantia’s delight.
Michael of Bedford is well known
With Seonaid his sweet-loving Queen
As sixty-eighth to sit the throne
Their will we do not contravene.
Logan, a black wolf, sly and strong,
Esa, inspiration, for noble souls
Together they right all that is wrong
Fulfilling strong the sixty-ninth roles
With German strength comes Sir Christoph
On his arm the Glorious Lady Adelheit
The seventy reign with drama sets off
Enough to inspire many an acolyte
To celebrate the fiftieth of the world
Dietrich with Thora held most high
Atlantia’s seventy-first with banners unfurled
The glory of the kingdom none will decry
Ya-shaw was cried in Dietrich’s reign,
Alongside Una as Sultana.
His commanding bass boomed on campaign;
Th’ harmonious Una, vox humana.
Atlantia sang refrain once more,
As Ragnar Fifth joined Lynette II.
The seventy-sixth to rule our shore
May future rulers ring as true!
Jolly Christoph, beer in hand
With sweet Adelheit they lead the way
Our seventy-seventh monarchs held the land
Mid laughter bright, they bade us play
Mighty Cuan was the seventy-eighth crowned
The king must follow mundania’s call
Queen Signy small but much renowned
From atop her step stool ruled us all
Now Anton returns much like the dawn
With Luned Queen both wise and cheerful
The seventy-ninth reign went on and on
The plague that came made us all fearful

Of Kings and Queens our story told
Their might to rule these happy lands
Argent-azure the flag flies bold
The past lives on in future’s hands.

The first set of 12 is by Duke Cariodoc

0-22 and last Johanna von den Glocken
23-31 Bran Trefonnen
36-44, 48-53 Dunstan LeHeryngmongere
34, 46, 47, 54, 55 Maaline Reynard
32, 33, 35, 45 James of Middle Aston
56-59 Ceridwen ferch Owain
60-61, 65-66, 71 Etienne le Mons d’Anjou
62-64, 69, 70 Katarzyna Witkowska
67-68 Deirdre O’Bardon

75-76 Ishmael Baleiner

77-79 Evelynne Merrymet

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